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Scalp Micropigmentation is effective for women and men, no matter what skin type or color they have, or what their age is. It is effective no matter what baldness stage a person is in. A large number of women and men endure thinning hair either in the crown area or on top of their scalps. SMP is an optimal solution to produce the look of density, which is done through the use of microdots to camouflage the scalp. Its effect produces hair fullness and density, creating the illusion of a full head of hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation treatment will add density to your scalp, filling in areas in order to create the look of a full head of hair. It can also create the look of a head of freshly shaved hair. SMP can make it look like you have a full front, simulate a rear and/or side hairline, have hairlines restored on fully or partially bald heads, as well as conceal scars, birthmarks, and burns.

It feels and looks real, and provides clients with life-changing results. Scalp Micropigmentation is an industry that’s growing. Thousands of clients are satisfied with the results, which can last a long time – years, in fact, with little (if not zero) maintenance.


Androgenic alopecia a.k.a. male pattern baldness (MPB) is the most typical form of men’s hair loss. 95% of men’s hair loss is attributed to MPB. 2/3 of men in America will sustain some loss of hair by the time they turn 35. When they turn 50, about 85% of them will have thinning hair (source: American Hair Loss Association).

When this happens, most men begin using over-the-counter topical solutions and medications to reverse or prevent hair thinning and baldness. Many of them wind up disappointed that the products they purchased didn’t do what they expected. Several products are indeed effective at slowing down the hair loss process. Sadly, they cannot regrow what was lost already. At some point, you’ll search for one product after another before realizing how much effort, money, and time was wasted attempting to regain your confidence.

SMP is a nonsurgical and simple solution that can provide you with the feel and look of human hair follicles. You don’t have to be balding already to get this treatment, nor do you have to expose yourself to the marketing and advertising of hair transplanting and restoration schemes. Our team understands what you are enduring. Regardless of the balding stage, you are currently in, scalp microdot pigmentation will be effective.


Initially believed to be an exclusively male disease, it turns out that women account for a large percentage of people who suffer from hair loss in America. The American Academy of Dermatology claims that 40% of women will have notable hair loss before they turn 40.

95% of women’s hair loss can be attributed to female pattern hair loss. It can come about because of diet, stress, medications, medical conditions, hormonal changes, menopause, and age, among other factors. The impact of alopecia, balding, or thinning hair can be devastating for both men and women. It can result in anxiety and depression in females, in addition to a loss of sexuality and attractiveness, a decrease in emotional well-being, and a poor self-image.

Scalp Micropigmentation is an effective treatment for females who are experiencing hair thinning. SMP is capable of adding density to a scalp, giving it the look of a thick and full head of hair. The SMP process to treat hair loss or thinning hair in females is the same approach used on men. A microneedle is used that is the shape and size of a human hair follicle. Microdots are instilled into the scalp’s upper epidermis to add density to your hair. You won’t be able to see your scalp clearly though your hair any longer.


Scalp Micropigmentation can cover-up scars on scalps with the same technique. SMP is an effective adjunct treatment for adding density to a portion of your scalp containing a scar that originated from a hair transplant. Whether you are balding, bald already, or are sporting scars from prior medical treatment, SMP may be the solution you’re looking for.

Some men are literally scarred by hair transplants. These types of surgeries can be time-consuming, painful, costly, and stressful. Worse, they may leave scars behind, and there are no guarantees for this process. Scar tissue and healthy skin tissue are not the same. It is a solid patch formed by your body in order to protect it, post-trauma. As such, it doesn’t respond the same way to Scalp Micro Pigmentation. Thankfully, our clinic has an effective technique capable of camouflaging scars, no matter what type they are, or what their size is.


Hair loss on areas of the body and head where it is expected to grow is known as Alopecia. This condition can affect both sexes, and it doesn’t discriminate against age, either. Based on what type of alopecia one has, it may be stimulated or even exacerbated by multiple factors.

SMP for Alopecia (as well as other types of scalp conditions) can be effective for covering up and masking issues pertaining to this hair loss condition. Although there is no cure for Alopecia Universalis or Alopecia Areata, SMP treatment is capable of offering visual relief for it.


The average person will require touch-ups every 3 to 4 years, however, there are several aspects to consider, including your exposure to the sun, your maintenance regimen, and your lifestyle. Our clinic uses only all-natural pigment of high quality, free from any dyes and additives which fades a lot slower than other types of Scalp Micropigmentation pigments on the market.

Ideally, SMP reparations are something you won’t need, but if the SMP practitioner you visited didn’t meet your expectations, reparations may be required. There are reputable specialists in our clinic who can help.

Procedures for hair touch-ups are developed for this purpose. If you’ve had any sort of SMP treatment before and weren’t content with the outcome, or if a poor regimen and/or sun exposure have diminished the treatment’s results, a touch-up can rectify things for you.

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