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  • Hayk Matsakyan

Pros and Cons of having a Hairpiece or Toupee

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Many men wear a hairpiece or toupee to cover their baldness. A toupee is an important hairpiece made of natural or synthetic hair. A toupee is also known as the partial wig because it helps men cover partial baldness.

Men's wigs are always in demand because of their natural-like appearance. Men use liquid glue or special two-sided tape to hold in place the toupee with existing hair, especially on the head's back and sides.

Although hairpieces and toupees are mainly designed and manufactured for men, some women also use them for hair lengthening purposes. In today's article, we will discuss the pros and cons of having a hairpiece or toupee for bald men. Read on!

Pros of Toupee or Hairpiece

Men wear a toupee to hide their male patterns baldness quickly and efficiently. Research shows that hairpieces are suitable for men of all ages. Toupees are known as the best hair systems because you can style them as you desire.

You can dye, color, perm, or wash your toupee or hairpiece without any problems. Besides, it gives your hair a realistic appearance by making your hair look thicker and beautiful. Unlike other hair applications, a hairpiece is lightweight, meaning you won't feel the load on your scalp.

Appear like Natural Hair

The most exciting thing about wearing a toupee is that your hair will appear naturally thick and gorgeous. A tape or glue is an essential accessory used to hold this hairpiece for a long time. You can even wear it for a month.

Men who wear toupees made of 100% human hair achieve a natural appearance. It won't interfere with your day-to-day activities. You can even go swimming while wearing a toupee.

Breathable and Undetectable

The toupee's base is thinner and breathable, making it a safe product for men. Besides, a hairpiece made of 100% human hair is undetectable on your scalp even when you or someone touches your hair.

If you have a sensitive skin and can't use other hair products, you can use a hairpiece made of natural hair. However it may still cause scalp irritation, redness, or skin allergies in the long run.

Cons of Toupee or Hairpiece

There are various benefits of wearing a toupee or hairpiece to cover your baldness or scalp-related conditions. However, it has a few downsides, such as some products are not comfortable for men and do not fit their scalps.

Unnatural Look

A hairpiece made of synthetic hair won't align well with your hair, meaning you won't achieve a natural look. The problem worsens when you perform certain activities like swimming because your hairpiece will come off quickly. Experts say that this often happens when one wears a synthetic toupee with low-quality glue.

High Maintenance

Although you can clean the hairpiece in the shower, you have to remove it and scrub it to maintain your hairpiece. The purpose is to clean your toupee inside out and remove all the accumulated oils and adhesives.

Some toupees or hairpieces are made of a durable base material, and you can wear them for a long time. Research shows that hairpieces with monofilament durability and polyurethane adhesion can be worn for 4-6 weeks.

However, after the time has passed, you have to remove the hairpiece and then clean up the product and your scalp. Because this requires time and effort, many men don't like to wear a toupee.

Final Words

Although there are some good quality toupees in the market today, we recommend consulting with your primary doctor or a qualified dermatologist to make sure your scalp is healthy and capable of carrying a hairpiece or toupee as well as to make sure it won’t damage your skin in the long run.



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