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  • Hayk Matsakyan

Hair Loss Solutions – Temporary or Permanent?

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

The Most Effective Hair Loss Treatments

Although hair loss may not be painful or dangerous, it is something that negatively affects both men and women across the world. Many people take pride in having a nice head of hair and suffering from thinning or disappearing hair can take a toll on one’s self-esteem and self-image. Fortunately, there are effective hair loss remedies available that can help restore your hair, no matter how long or how severely you have been losing it.

Hair Loss Solutions – Temporary or Permanent?

Hair loss solutions come in many shapes and sizes, with some being only temporary and others offering permanent relief from hair loss. Someone might opt for a temporary solution to ensure that they approve of the look and quality of the hair but might end up disappointed by the fact that the results are not long-lasting. Temporary solutions might also become a burden as they require one to continually receive treatment.

Many people prefer to go the permanent route, as they only want to undergo treatment one time (or a few) without requiring continued visits to a professional or constant upkeep with medication. This allows people to enjoy the look and feel of their hair without constantly worrying that it is going to thin or diminish.

Temporary Solutions

For those who want to test out different hair regrowth methods, temporary options abound. These allow people to try different looks on a whim and to easily return to their natural look if they so desire. Some prominent temporary hair loss solutions include hairpieces, fibers, and makeup.

Hair Pieces

There are a wide variety of hairpieces such as wigs, toupees, and extensions (which come in multiple forms such as clip-in, tape-in, and sew-in). Wigs can be made of natural or synthetic hair and are easy to take on and off. Many people who wear wigs have multiple wigs in different styles, colors, and even materials. Generally, wigs are removed at the end of the day and put on again in the morning.

Toupees are smaller than wigs and are designed to simply cover up certain bald spots, usually those that are associated with male pattern baldness. They are adhered to the head using double-sided tape or liquid glue.

Hair Fibers

Hair Fibers blend with natural hair to give the appearance of a fuller head of hair. They are synthetic and temporary and will usually come out when the user shampoos their hair. Because of this, they must be bought and applied frequently.


Some people use mascara to cover up bald or thinning spots on their heads. This is a temporary makeup that is used to make the hair look thicker and fuller, as well as more consistent in color. This is a very temporary technique as it will wash off easily and must be reapplied on a daily basis.

Permanent Solutions

For those who don’t want to fuss with daily, weekly, or even monthly maintenance, permanent hair loss solutions are the way to go. These allow people to cover their baldness with a one-time or infrequent treatment that doesn’t need to be maintained every day.

Hair Transplant

Hair transplants remove hair follicles from one part of the body and replant them in the head, usually to combat male pattern baldness. While this is a nice permanent solution that gives natural hair, it is a surgical procedure that has long recovery time and carries the risk of side effects and infection.

Scalp Micropigmentation

Micropigmentation is a form of a tattoo or permanent makeup. It is non-invasive and makes use of micro-needles to give the look of stubble or short hair follicles. This is an excellent option for those who are balding or suffering from thinning hair. It can truly give a natural look of well-groomed hair and doesn’t require constant maintenance. It might fade over time, but only requires touch-ups every few years or so. It is truly a wonderful permanent option for those who are tired of constantly trying to cover up embarrassing bald spots.


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