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  • Hayk Matsakyan

Everything You Need To Know About Hair Fibers

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

An imbalanced diet, inadequate hormonal production, aging, and stress can trigger hair loss in both men and women. Research shows that reduced hair volume is due to increased follicle sensitivity to androgens' normal levels. It causes follicles to shrink and produce small, thin hair strands. These strands are smaller in diameter and shorter in length.

Hair fibers are usually derived from natural hair, keratin, and cotton, add volume to your hair and improve its overall appearance. They fill the thin spots on your scalp and give it a thicker and fuller appearance. In today's article, we will talk about hair fibers, their types, pros, and cons. Read on!

What are Hair Fibers?

Also known as hair building fibers, hair fibers are products available in sprays and concealers. They are usually made from different materials, but plant-based derivatives, including cotton, are the most widely used fibers' materials. The reason is that plant-based materials are natural and cheaper.

The best hair fiber is made of 100% pure and natural keratin material. Studies show that keratin is a protein that helps build and maintain hair structure. Today, hair fibers are available in different colors and shades.

Types of Hair Fibers

Today, you can find a wide range of hair fiber brands and products on the market. However, there are two main types or categories of hair fibers. These are human hair and synthetic hair fibers. Let's take a closer look at them!

Human Hair Fibers

As the name indicates, human hair fibers are made from 100% real hair. These hair fibers come in different forms, such as wigs, extensions, and hairpieces. You can cut, wash, color, and blow-dry human hair fibers easily.

Because human hair fibers are natural, they are stronger and heavier. Research shows that human hair usually lasts longer than other types of fibers. Human hair is an excellent choice for those who want more flexibility in styling options.

Simply put, you can style human hair in different ways to maintain the most natural look. Although human hair fibers have many benefits, they also have some downsides, such as more styling time and maintenance. Every time you wash your hair, you will have to restyle it.

Synthetic Fiber

Besides natural hair fibers, you can also find different synthetic hair fibers, such as acrylic, Kanekalon, polyester, and polyvinyl chloride. Synthetic hair fibers come in various qualities, and you can determine the quality by different factors, such as shine, texture, and movement.

Synthetic hair fibers have many benefits, such as maintenance and affordability. They are a great option for people who are looking for high-quality products at affordable prices. The pre-styled synthetic fibers can save a lot of time because you don't have to restyle your hair. They maintain the original shape and look throughout time.


Both men and women use hair fibers to target different types of hair loss and thinning, such as pattern baldness, Telogen Effluvium, postpartum hair loss, etc. Hair Fibers are easy to use, affordable, and effective products that can enhance your scalp appearance for shorter periods.

Hair fibers are often available in powder or spray form and can give your scalp a fuller and thicker appearance. The purpose is to improve your look and add some style to your personality. They are safe for most scalps and can fill in bald spots quickly.

Available in multiple colors, you can choose a product that best fits your needs. There is no need for using weaves or glue with hair fibers. Likewise, both human hair and synthetic fibers are effective and affordable options compared to hair transplant surgery.


Hair fibers have many disadvantages, such as they can fall off at touch, and you may not feel them like natural hair. Most hair fiber products contain synthetic keratin, which does not work well with most scalps.

Synthetic hair fibers can be messy and impractical. Most of them can't resist water, which means you have to apply them again to have a thicker volume or hide bald patches. So, this makes them unreliable for many people. Moreover, they can cause skin problems, such as itching, irritation, and even inflammation.

Final Words

Hair fibers are an effective and cost-effective solution for people who want to conceal hair loss and thinning hair. There are many products available on the market. However, not all of them are the best and can meet your requirements successfully. That's why you have to choose a product made with natural ingredients, such as keratin, to enhance your appearance. Good Luck!



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